About us

ITALY GROUP is a team of experts in restaurant management and consulting. We work with restaurants in St. Petersburg and Moscow, developing taste in different conceptions, locations and situations.

Food philosophy

Supported by ITALY GROUP every restaurant concept helps guests to open new gustatory experience, quality of life, develops and increases the gastronomic culture. Each place we have starts with the kitchen and necessity to find and create its unique taste. Our mission is to impart the taste to life.

years running
Ilya Burnasov at the dinner at Hitch restaurant
Ilya Burnasov at the dinner at Hitch restaurant
Christmas dinner at Goose Goose
Christmas dinner at Goose Goose
Pasta cooking in a wheel of Parmigiano-Reggiano Italy restaurant in Moscow
Pasta cooking in a wheel of Parmigiano-Reggiano Italy restaurant in Moscow

Consulting by ITALY GROUP

  • concept development in the HoReCa sector
  • restaurant opening from start to finish
  • development of business model scaling up
  • profitability financial model development and introduction
  • strategy sessions for the management team
  • development and introduction of company culture
  • development and introduction of performance management cycle
  • recruitment of line staff and top managers, training and development
  • procurement activity management
  • marketing strategy development and sales supporting
  • accounting and legal services
  • organization of engineering systems and equipment maintenance
  • development of technology and organization of production
Michael Sokolov and Timur Dmitriev at seafood dinner presentation at ITALY restaurant
Michael Sokolov and Timur Dmitriev at seafood dinner presentation at ITALY restaurant

Our experts

Michael Sokolov started his career path in Italy where he worked as a cook for 5 years in restaurants in San-Marino, Milan, Piedmont. Timur Dmitriev graduated from St. Petersburg State University of Economics At the same time he went from the waiter to deputy general manager in restaurant industry. In 2010 Michael and Timur opened their first restaurant – Italy on Petrograd Side. Later they jointly realized more than 25 restaurants in St. Petersburg and Moscow, started Yami Yami delivery. They are both graduates of Moscow School of Management Skolkovo. Michael is awarded the title of top-manager of the year in “Restaurant Business” category according to “Kommersant daily” (2018). Timur is the award winner “Contribution to the development of the industry” according to “” magazine (“What is where in St. Petersburg” 2018).

Our projects
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