About us

ITALY GROUP — are taste-centric places in Saint-Petersburg and Moscow with a friendly atmosphere, where passion for food is a cornerstone of our philosophy, where customer service is all about caring of our guests and kitchen is a centrepiece of each of the restaurants.

Food philosophy

Every restaurant concept of ITALY GROUP helps our guests to open new gustatory experience, quality of life, develops and increases the gastronomic culture. Each place we have starts with the kitchen and necessity to find and create its unique taste. Our philosophy — is a taste in all its forms, varieties and locations.

years running
Guests in chef Ilya Burnasov's master class – Pizza VS Pinca at Goose Goose restaurant
Guests in chef Ilya Burnasov’s master class — Pizza VS Pinca at Goose Goose restaurant
At Hitch restaurant kitchen
At Hitch restaurant kitchen
The Waterloo restaurant team
The Waterloo restaurant team

Italy Group Founders

In spring 2010 Michael Sokolov and Timur Dmitriev opened their first restaurant that they called ITALY. It was a success and immediately restaurant gained its reputation of the «best Italian restaurant to the North of the river Neva» (according to authoritative opinion of «Afisha» magazine) thanks to its excellent cuisine, glorious team work and impeccable service. It was powerful, bold start which lead to development of a brand new restaurant group in the city.

Italy group foundation
  • passion for coulinary art
  • self-development and educations of guest
  • simplicity in communications and interiors of our restaurants
  • traditional friendliness
Michael Sokolov and Timur Dmitriev at seafood dinner presentation at ITALY restaurant
Michael Sokolov and Timur Dmitriev at seafood dinner presentation at ITALY restaurant
Michael Sokolov
Michael Sokolov
Co-founder and concept chef

At the age of 18 Michael decided to be a part of tradition of Italian cuisine and went to Italy to learn it. He worked in restaurants in San-Marino, Milan, Piedmont. Returning to his hometown of Saint-Petersburg Michael quickly became brand-chef of one of the best Italian restaurants in the city. Soon after he decided to open his own place and shared his dream with co-workers — one of them was Timur Dmitriev.

Timur Dmitriev
Timur Dmitriev

Timur went a long way from a waiter to a Deputy Managing Director of Saint-Petersburg famous restaurant «Probka». That was where he met Michel Sokolov who once shared with vision of opening his own restaurant. During next year, they were working on a concept of their very own first Italian restaurant.

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